about CDi

About Me

Hi there! I'm CDi, a web developer specializing in creating dynamic and responsive web solutions. My primary passion is exploring the latest trends in technology and applying them to my projects.

My unique background includes a Bachelor and a Master of Law Degree from “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, where I explored national and European cybercrime law.

However, my current focus is entirely in the tech realm, where I thrive on tackling challenging projects and continuously expanding my skillset in web development.

My Journey to Web Development

My passion for technology and the digital world has been with me since I was young, stemming from my fascination with PCs, strategy games, and MMORPGs.

This passion led me to explore web development through my role as a marketing director for Asociatia Studentilor la Drept, where I maintained their WordPress website. My curiosity grew stronger as I experimented with WordPress and Shopify, eventually leading me to attend a coding boot camp. It was there that I discovered and fell in love with React.

Personality and Work Style

As an INTJ (Architect) personality type, I bring a strategic mindset and strong analytical skills to my work. I thrive in situations that require problem-solving, long-term planning, and logical thinking. My independent nature and drive for competence enable me to tackle challenges head-on and develop innovative solutions. This unique combination of traits helps me excel in various projects, sparking creativity and contributing effectively to team dynamics, making things happen together.

Interests and Hobbies

My interests outside web development include technology, privacy, cybersecurity, and finance. I’m also an avid sports enthusiast, particularly fond of football (soccer) and martial arts.

Goals and Aspirations

My short-term goals involve further improving my knowledge and expanding my skills in web development. In the long run, I aspire to work on impactful products that make a difference in society.

Connect and Collaborate

Feel free to explore my website and learn more about my journey, projects, and the unique combination of skills I bring to the table as a web developer with a law background. Let’s connect and create something unique together!